Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Intro Post!

Hi! I'm Danielle Conolly, a first-year communications student at Red River College, trying to curb some financially unhealthy spending habits. I'm deeply interested in ways that students can find discounts and other money-saving tips. Of course, if I stumble across a juicy discount secret for those not slogging away in the wilds of academia, I'll document it here as well. (And should I find something interesting and entirely off-topic, it may appear...but I promise to warn you first!)

I'm certainly not yet an authority on how and where to get the best deals, but I intend to vastly improve upon my current knowledge, and to take anyone who's curious along for the ride! So, cheesy as it this space for future episodes of Thrift Odyssey!

1 comment:

  1. Nice, Danielle! I look forward to your future postings! Try to exhaust every possible source of discounts & savings available from coupons found in newspaper inserts to a long list of money-saving tips! You may also find interesting on how we can 're-use' some stuff! That's also part of saving or economizing! :) I'll await your next posting- cheers!