Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yup, it done broke.

I was so excited to get to school on Monday, I broke my ankle.

Let me rephrase that. I was walking faster than I should have on one of Winterpeg's typically icy intersections, and I fell. As I fell, something twisted in my leg, and by the time I hit the ground, I knew something was seriously wrong. A construction worker helping to fix the lights at the intersection saw me, and ran out into the street to help me hobble to safety. And when he and I were standing on the boulevard, we watched a car that was unable to stop as it slid into a bus. When the car's driver stepped out to examine his car, HE fell on the ice, too! It was a REALLY icy intersection.

Because I was in shock - i.e. dizzy, blurred vision, wanting to sleep or throw up, loss of hearing - the construction crew thought I had hit my head. They called me an ambulance, and said I had a broken ankle and a head injury. So the paramedics came and strapped me to a spine board. I couldn't move, which was fine because I didn't really want to. I was kept in the hospital all day, first to determine whether or not I'd hit my head (I hadn't) and then to determine whether or not the breaks (yes, I broke the ankle in two places) required surgery. In the end, they decided I didn't require immediate surgery, but that I have to go back next week to check again.

They want to put a plate and some pins into my ankle, if I don't heal miraculously in a week.

This has meant a lot of changes for me. I can't go home, because my apartment is up 4 flights of stairs and the building has no elevator. I'm weak and in pain, and not good enough yet with crutches. So my parents have kindly taken me in, and my boyfriend is left to man the fort alone.

Also, I haven't really ever been in this much pain. I'm told I have a high pain threshold, because other injuries like a dislocated shoulder and a fractured tailbone haven't bothered me much. THIS hurts like hell, and I am allergic to every painkiller the hospital suggested, so I am making do with basic Motrin. The I-wanna-vomit sensation whenever my ankle twitches or comes up against something is awful. People with chronic pain - how do you stand it?

I'm lucky. Really lucky. I could have hit my head. I could have fallen at an intersection where there was no one else around, at which point I probably would have been hit by a car. I could have still been in the intersection when that car hit that bus, which wouldn't be so good for me either. And if I'd been admitted on my own instead of by ambulance, it would have taken even longer for me to be seen, X-rayed, and casted. I'm still under 30, so my chances of healing are pretty good...IF I keep my ankle still.

They suggested a week, to get the healing process started. They gave me a doctor's note. But what about CRECOMM?!?!?! I'm worried I'll fall behind.

If you want to read a better post about breaking an ankle in CreComm, Laura Kunzelman has it covered here.

For now, I'll be hoping my instructors get back to me so I can form a plan of how to get back into the swing of CreComm before and after a potential operation.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Recently Deceased Foliage = Romantic?

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I join many puzzled friends wondering what to get my significant other to truly demonstrate the depth of my relief that he hasn't left me yet. (Just kidding - I trust him. I do want to find something that shows how wonderful I think he is, though!) At the same time, I begin to puzzle over whether or not I will receive something that my s/o has similarly agonized over - and if that something will include flowers.

When he and I first met, a hazy eight years ago, I ranted at length about despising flowers - and then cooed like a little bird over the two long-stemmed roses he handed over the next Feb. 14. I must have appeared to be completely won over by said flowers - I even dried and saved them for many years before the vacuum cleaner ate them.

But fresh-cut flowers are a dilemma, at least in my mind. Are they friendly to the environment? It would seem not. Do they have an enduring value? Nefarious vacuum cleaners aside, they can be dried and saved, but this doesn't retain much of the way they looked when fresh. Do they rot if neglected? Absolutely, and that's not very romantic.

So, to the three people who read this blog: I open it up to you. Do you give/receive flowers? Why? Do you want to receive flowers? Why/why not?

As for me: While writing this post, I've come to the conclusion that I don't want to rain on his parade. Anything - or nothing - is fine. The best Valentine's Day gift will be to just spend time with him.

Maybe we'll go buy some flowers.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Free Astrological Predictions!

In light of the kerfuffle over the 'new' astrological sign Ophiuchus, and in the absence of a prediction from Duncan McMonagle, I post my own horoscopes for the next 7 days, as determined by making sentences out of random words found in the French dictionary I use at work:


Today’s horoscope:

Leo: Multiple deadlines have you panic-stricken today. Relax, don't be afraid to delegate, and focus on one task at a time to get everything done.

Aries: You have no cause for complaint today, Aries. Everything is going your way. Just make sure to thank the people who helped smooth your way, or else the future might be a lot more difficult.

Taurus: Friends are clinging to you like parasites today. They all need something from you! If you’re in a giving mood, feel free to help out – but make sure you save some time for yourself, or you’ll feel burnt out.

Gemini: Technical difficulties at work have you feeling burnt out today. Unwind tonight – have drinks with friends or watch a movie with someone special.

Aquarius: You’re feeling mischievous this afternoon. As long as you don’t take the pranks too far, your ideas could be fun for friends, family, or even coworkers.

Scorpio: Important plans will end up cancelled tonight. It’s ok! Plan something spontaneous of your own: It’s sure to have positive and fun results.

Cancer: Things don’t seem to make sense today, and a lot of things feel out of place. Take a step back, and look at the bigger picture. The puzzle pieces will then start to come together.

Capricorn: You’ve been invited to do something fun this weekend! Prepare adequately today, or else the fun might quickly turn into an emergency.

Libra: You’re in unfamiliar surroundings. Pay attention! There might not be a rulebook to follow, but there are plenty of nuances you need to pick up on to find your way around.

Virgo: It’s been an exhausting week, and you need some time to yourself. Take a catnap, indulge your creative side by painting or taking photographs, or get outdoors and enjoy nature.

Sagittarius: A dose of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so take a careful look at what’s on your plate today. Is there anything you can do to ease the weight of your schedule? If so, put those plans into action right away. You’ll be grateful later on!

Ophiuchus: You’ve been eyeing a certain job or position for some time now. Guess what? That desk is yours! Now, the only question is: How are you going to celebrate?

Pisces: A change of career is in your future. You’ve been thinking about relocating to a more rural setting, and now’s the time to put those plans in motion. Good luck!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

DIY Disaster

My brother's a difficult person to shop for at Christmas. Anything he needs or wants, he usually buys for himself long before December rolls around. Knowing his love for framed art, though, I purchased a print by a local artist and decided to frame it myself.

I bought a $40 frame at a local art shop, and cut a piece of black foamcore board that I already had. There, frame and mat, $40. I thought I was good to go.

But - I don't know the first thing about framing. As I pushed and prodded to make sure that everything would fit into my chosen frame, I heard awful cracking sounds. First the glass within the frame broke into four pieces, and then the frame itself snapped apart in two places. I was left short $40, thinking that if I had consulted an expert, I would be holding a beautiful framed art piece for my brother, instead of heading to the garbage can having wasted time and money.

As I head into the new year, I think that's an important lesson for me. Cost-cutting isn't always worth it. It's not always going to net results that I'm proud of, and sometimes it won't even net results at all. Sometimes, if I want it done right, I'll have to open my wallet and consult the experts.

Sorry, bro.