Thursday, September 9, 2010

Who knows cooking better than...

Betty Crocker!

A well-worn copy of "Best Recipes" sat in my best friend's mother's kitchen, looking as though it had belonged to her own grandmother - still intact, but obviously well-loved. When I mentioned wanting my own copy, I unwrapped it that Christmas courtesy of that friend. Stocked full of helpful tips, old favourites, and new twists, it's a wealth of advice in a very small package.

That package just got smaller with the Betty Crocker Mobile Cookbook for iPhone. What better way to choose a meal while stuck in rush-hour traffic, really learn how to saute properly, or figure out what to do with the bumper crop of beans in the backyard garden? As the purchase webpage, , says, the world-famous cookbook is now right at your fingertips no matter where you are.

So if Betty Crocker is in the recipe-book business, why are they making all their recipes free to you? (Yes, this app is free!)Isn't that counter-productive? In the short run, it might seem that way, but in the long run, it definitely isn't. Here's why.

1. The app builds trust in the Betty Crocker name. It puts the company's brand at the fingertips of iPhone users, familiarizing them with Betty Crocker and building brand loyalty.

2. Loyalty influences purchasing habits. If I know that my Aunt Sally loves to cook and doesn't have an iPhone, perhaps I'll consider buying her a printed Betty Crocker cookbook. Or a Betty Crocker set of spatulas or measuring cups - after all, Betty Crocker isn't just cookbooks anymore. How likely am I to make a purchase from the Betty Crocker product line if I'm not familiar with the brand? Not very, I'll be lucky to notice it among all the other brands on a Wal-Mart shelf. But if I'm regularly turning to Betty Crocker for advice on meals anyway, I'm very likely to think "Betty Crocker" when wondering what to get that special cook on my Christmas shopping list. Not to mention, I'm also more likely to use Betty Crocker products in my own kitchen, once I trust them.

When the appetizer's free AND tasty, of course you're that much more likely to want to pay full price for the main course. By getting their name out there with a free, useful app ("I don't have to wait hours stuck in traffic to get home and look through a recipe book!"), the company builds relationships with current and future loyal customers.

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  1. You're absolutely right. If they don't already, they'll soon be selling iPad splash guards, so you can cook directly from the app in the kitchen!