Monday, October 25, 2010

The grain of rice that started it all

Melanie Lee Lockhart was kind enough to choose my PR proposal as one to be forwarded on to Winnipeg Harvest. What comes next, I'm not sure. Maybe WH will like it, and maybe they won't. I'm excited either way, because I liked my ideas too.

One of my ideas was to have a Twitter contest where, for every guess made in the contest, one dollar would be donated to Harvest by a very kind sponsor, in lieu of that sponsor quietly handing over a lump sum. The contest, I thought, would be exciting for everyone, the donor included, and the contest participants would have chances to win prizes too!

The idea originally came from a site where, for every correct guess, a certain number of rice grains are donated to a charity that feeds hungry people around the world.

Come play now at! How much of a difference can you make, today, with just a small donation of your time?

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